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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a Zwift meetup?

You can also click any currently active follower and request a meetup directly with them. This is useful for those times when you hop on Zwift and notice a friend riding and want to join them. Meetups behave like any other Zwift event, so you can RSVP from Companion or the Zwift startup screen.

How do I get Together with friends on Zwift?

If you're looking to get together with friends on Zwift, there are a few different ways to make that happen: Agree to meet a friend or friends at a certain point on a course at a certain time, making sure everyone chooses the same route. Use Zwift’s “Ride With” feature to join someone already riding.

How does Zwift’s new event feature work?

This is big news, and it’s going to take Zwift to the next level as a social platform. Here’s how it all works… Meetups are organized entirely via Zwift Companion. Click “Events” then tap the trio of people near the top.

How do I join someone who is riding in Zwift?

Use Zwift’s “Ride With” feature to join someone already riding. When you log in to Zwift, select a world to view the list of riders currently on course.

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