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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Subscribe button do on YouTube?

Learn why subscribers can be the best way to increase views and watch time on your channel. Watch time is how long viewers watch your content. ... Subscribers are viewers who've indicated they want to see more of your content and click the Subscribe button on your channel. ... Community refers to connecting with your audience on a deeper level. ...

Can you see a Subscribe button on my Channel?

If you have your YouTube channel's URL, then go to directly on your channel, otherwise, First of all, go to classic dashboard and click on view channel. Now you can see subscribe button on the right side and near to this have a setting icon click on it.

How do you subscribe to a YouTube video?

How to add subscribe button to YouTube videos. Go to video manager and then choose channel settings >> In Video Programming. Now click on add a watermark, choose an image to upload (YouTube subscribe buttons are readily available in Google images). Next select your display time and then save watermark.

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