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Frequently Asked Questions

How to evaluate the quality of a YouTube channel?

The evaluation of a YouTube channel quality is based on the following criteria: Creator’s influencewhich is measured on the basis of the number of subscribers, views number stability and views/subscribers ratio, release frequency, upvotes to downvotes ratio.

What is YouTube channel rank and how to get it?

YouTube channel rank indicates the performance of this YouTube channel, and the higher this YouTube channel gets, the better this YouTube channel performs. Influenex, an all-in-one influencer marketing platform, allows you to get the rank of YouTube channels, and detailed statistics of these channels.

What is the Free YouTube quality channel checker?

The free YouTube Quality Channel Checker can offer you a comprehensive evaluation of any YouTube profile and thus simplify your decision taking process. need more info? Request live demo Platform Influencer AnalyticsInfluencer DiscoveryCampaign ManagementMarket Analysis

What stats does influenex offer for YouTube channels?

Influenex also offers other stats of a YouTube channel, including total views, total posts, subscribers for last 30 days, and views for last 30 days. With these helpful data, you’ll be able to know which YouTube channel is the best for your business.

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