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Frequently Asked Questions

What is youngyouth opportunity?

Youth Opportunity is committed to improving the lives of at-risk youth by giving them the tools they need to succeed and paving the way for a better future. INVESTMENTS IN YOUTH ARE INVESTMENTS IN THE FUTURE

Why invest in Youth Opportunity?

An investment in youth, is an investment in the future. Youth Opportunity is a data-driven organization, leveraging technology through the use of interactive dashboarding of key performance indicators and internal analytics to guide decision-making. Youth Opportunity is driven by our inspiration of Investing in ExcellenceTM.

What kind of opportunities are there for young people?

Youth Opportunities - Competitions, Conferences, Fellowships, Scholarships, Internships, Workshops, Exchange Programs

What is the teen volunteer program in Los Angeles?

Within the Volunteer Services Department, they have a Teen Volunteer program. It’s for youth aged 14-18. Shifts are set up in two to four hours of service once a week from early morning to early evening and weekends. (310) 673-4660.

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