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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you download apps on a PC?

Download the app from the App Store on your iPad. To do this, launch the App Store app on your iPad and choose the previously purchased tab. On this tab, you will see your most recent purchases, including those done on a PC or Mac. Tap the cloud button next to the app icon to start the download.

How do you update apps on PC?

To update all the apps manually at once, head over to My Apps section and tap ‘update all‘. Open Google Plat Store service. Tap three horizontal lines on top left corner. Then select the My Apps. On installed tab select the app and click update all or choose the individual app and click update.

What is a PC app?

Apps to PC is a Windows utility which allows users to transfer any apps or app documents that they have downloaded onto their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch directly to iTunes. Apps to PC is incredibly useful when it comes to re-installing Windows on your current machine or if you are changing your PC for a newer model.

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