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Frequently Asked Questions

What is YouSee?

YouSee is the largest quadruple play service provider in Denmark, and is a part of Nuuday which is a subsidiary of TDC Group, the largest telecommunications company in Denmark. YouSee currently has 1.1 million customers in Denmark.

What is yoosee for PC?

Download Yoosee for PC – Windows 7/8/10 & MAC posted on September 29, 2021 Yoosee is an intuitive surveillance app you can operate from your PC. Gain control of all your Wifi cameras.

What is UC (YouSee)?

U nited C are Development Services, also known as UC (YouSee) was founded in June 2009. UC's domain reflects the deeper motive for engaging in Seva.

How do I watch the camera on my yoosee account?

Once you add the camera on your phone, log in to your yoosee account on your computer software and you will be able to watch the camera. The phone did not add the camera, only use the computer to watch.

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