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Frequently Asked Questions

What is application config file?

The CONFIG files are developer files, storing information about the associated application. These files are normally stored in a text-based format. The file name will normally reference the associated application. For example, a filename.exe executable program would usually have a filename.config configuration file associated with it.

What is the use of config file?

A CONFIG file is a configuration information file used by various applications. It contains plain text parameters that define settings or preferences for building or running a program. CONFIG files are often referenced by software development programs for configuring applications.

What is a config folder?

Essentially the CONFIG.MSI folder contains backups of files that are being installed or updated during a program installation. Upon a successful completion, this folder and files are deleted automatically. However, sometimes the installer program fails to remove these files.

What is Microsoft Azure Configuration Manager?

Microsoft Azure Configuration Manager. Microsoft Azure Configuration Manager provides a unified API to load configuration settings regardless of where the application is hosted - whether on-premises or in a Cloud Service.

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