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Frequently Asked Questions

Was a puppy stolen from furry babies in Yorktown Mall?

LOMBARD, Ill. — A puppy was stolen Friday afternoon from the ‘Furry Babies’ store inside Yorktown Mall in Lombard, with surveillance footage capturing the theft on camera. The $8,000 ten-week old puppy was taken from the store at approximately 3:45 p.m. Friday afternoon, while the store was fairly busy.

What do you think about Yorktown Center?

Start your review of Yorktown Center. I love this mall. The layout is great. I like how there is a piano. I always loved to sit down and listen to the music. I echo the sentiments of what other Yelpers have written about this mall. It's in a confusing spot as it's not super upscale, but it's not super discount either.

Do you clean up after your dog in Yorktown?

In Yorktown's case, it's actual feces as they seem to allow dogs in but don't require owners to clean up after their dogs. So maybe less like me, and more like my front yard.

Is York Town Mall a dying mall?

Dying mall. York Town Mall is okay. It's more like North River Side mall, and a lot like a New Brick Yard Mall. Oak Brook is nice, and Woodfield Mall is pretty big, but nice. I am a Vietnam veteran recovering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer surgery.

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