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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the population of Yorkton?

Yorkton is a city located in south-eastern Saskatchewan, Canada. It is about 450 kilometres north-west of Winnipeg and 300 kilometres south-east of Saskatoon and is the sixth largest city in the province. As of 2017 the census population of the city was 19,643. Yorkton has had a growth rate of 4.3% since 2011.

Who is the mayor of Yorkton?

Mayor Hippsley was first elected as a City Councillor in 2016 and served in this capacity prior to being elected as Mayor in November of 2020. Mayor Hippsley is committed to building and making the fine City of Yorkton an even better place to work and live. He was raised and educated in Yorkton and is very proud to call this city home.

Is Yorkton a business hub for eastern Saskatchewan?

He believes that Yorkton is strategically located as a business hub for Eastern Saskatchewan where growth is the only option. Mayor Hippsley is a professional photographer and operates a growing photography studio business in Yorkton and western Canada.

What is the history of Yorkton Colorado?

In 1889 the rail line was extended to the Yorkton area. It was at this time the colony townsite relocated alongside the new rail line. Yorkton is located in the aspen parkland ecosystem. The terrain is mainly one of agriculture and there is no forestry industry.

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