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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good dog for a Yorkie?

Surprisingly, a lot of families recommend a Yorkie as a first dog. In general, this breed is known to be very active and agile despite its small size. They are also good with kids making it a strong contender for any family looking to bring home a dog.

Is a Yorkie dog well behaved?

Yes, Yorkies make excellent therapy dogs. They are friendly, manageable, and clingy dogs. As a matter of fact, the first therapy dog was Smoky, a Yorkie. As you read this text, you will know the reasons why Yorkies are such excellent therapy dogs. What Is A Therapy Dog? Unlike service dogs, therapy dogs do not perform tasks.

How is a Yorkie a hypoallergenic dog?

Yorkies are hypoallergenic, and the reason they exhibit such a nature is the absence of fur. Because the Yorkies possess small human-like hair, they do transfer the allergens to your family members. It is a plus point for every pet owner who is thinking of getting a Yorkie. They will have fewer chances of contracting allergies from a Yorkie.

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