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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is North York Centre Toronto?

North York Centre is the heart of the city North York in Ontario, people call North York Centre the second downtown in Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Luxury life style, gormet restaurants and bars, fun night life and arts and entertainments make this location one of the best locations in GTA.

What is the history of York Centre?

York Centre was originally created in 1903 from parts of York East and York West ridings. It was created when the county of York (excluding the city of Toronto) was divided into three ridings: York Centre, York North and York South.

Where is York Civic Centre located?

York Civic Centre used to be the home of City of York Council and now it houses Toronto West Court Office as well as the York Community Council. It's next to Coronation Park and York Memorial Collegiate at 2700 Eglinton Ave. W. There is a time capsule on the grounds, intended to be opened in 2193 – Toronto's quadricentennial anniversary.

What happened to York Centre in Toronto?

York Centre became vacant when Liberal MP Michael Levitt resigned on Sept. 1 to become CEO of Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies. A voter wears a face shield as she votes at a polling station in Toronto Centre on Monday.

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