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Frequently Asked Questions

Who won York Centre in the election?

In York Centre, Liberal Party candidate Ya'ara Saks won with 45.7 cent of the vote, against 41.8 per cent for Conservative Party candidate Julius Tiangson after a very tight race. The NDP's Andrea Vásquez Jiménez placed third with 5.8 per cent, with 143 out of 143 polls reporting.

What are the Liberal strongholds in York Centre and York Centre?

Both ridings are considered Liberal strongholds. The Liberals captured more than 50 per cent of the vote in both ridings in last fall's general election. Liberal Party candidate Ya'ara Saks campaigns in York Centre.

What is at the centre of York Centre?

At the approximate centre of the district is Downsview Park, an urban park controlled by the federal government, on former grounds of Canadian Forces Base Toronto. History. York Centre was originally created in 1903 from parts of York East and York West ridings.

How many people voted in Toronto Centre and York Centre?

In Toronto Centre, an estimated 7,960 people voted in advance polls, down from 13,140 in last federal election. In York Centre, some 6,306 people voted in advance, down from 9,881.

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