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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are famous alumni from Yale University?

Check out the list of notable Yale University alumni. Some of the notable Yale University students are Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson, George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush and James Franco.

What are Yale alumni called?

We use the term routinely in the Yale Alumni Magazine, as shorthand for "any Yale student, alumnus, or alumna.". But recently we received a gracious dissent from James C. Goodale ’55, who wrote, "I view 'Yalie' as a pejorative term. A 'Yalie' is a WASP, blue blood, biased, ancient, with a hyper social thyroid and not particularly intellectual.".

Did any famous people attend Yale University?

Yale University Notable Alumni Discover the notable alumni of Yale University. The list includes people like George H. W. Bush, Jennifer Connelly, James Franco, Liev Schreiber & Hillary Clinton.

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