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Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the Xbox series X mini fridge bundle?

The bundle is told to include “a limited-edition ZOA Series X Mini Fridge and kit stocked with six cans of ZOA Energy, custom Xbox controller, and” themed coasters.” You can read more by heading here. Are you thinking about entering for the Xbox Series X mini fridge?

What is the ZOA Xbox series X Xbox package?

“Fans have the chance to win their very-own customized ZOA Xbox Package that includes a custom Xbox Series X ZOA mini-fridge fully stocked with ZOA Energy products, a custom ZOA Xbox wireless controller and other fun surprises through Microsoft Rewards beginning next week on March 25th.

How do I redeem Microsoft Rewards for the Xbox series X ZOA?

And to redeem Microsoft Rewards for a chance to win the custom Xbox Series X ZOA mini fridge starting March 25, visit

When does the Xbox series X mini fridge sweepstakes start?

The sweepstakes for the Xbox Series X mini fridge is to begin on March 25 this coming Thursday and to remain open for participants to enter until June 2. To enter, simply redeem Microsoft Rewards points to make your entry.

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