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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Xbox mini fridge actually an Xbox series X?

And the upcoming Xbox Mini Fridge actually isn’t the first refrigerator shaped like an Xbox Series X. The company gave away a real, full-sized, Series X-shaped fridge in November.

How much will the Xbox One refrigerator cost?

While many are speculating that it will cost between $75-$200, its MSRP has not yet been determined. Further, Xbox has not announced how to preorder the refrigerator, nor where fans can buy it from.

Will the Xbox series X-themed fridge be available in 2021?

The Xbox Series X-themed fridge will be releasing Holiday 2021 and will either be sold online, in retail stores, or both. However, like most specialty items, there is a good chance that it will have a limited production run and will become a hard-to-find collector’s item.

How much does it cost to buy Xbox series X?

Get Xbox Series X or Series S & 100+ games. From $24.99/mo. with $0 due today. Restrictions Apply.^ Make your experience even better. Perfect for in-game purchases & so much more for gamers. We’ll match the price if it goes lower at Target before 12/24.

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