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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there ever be an Xbox mini fridge?

The results are in and Xbox has won the distinction of becoming the first brand to win the "Best of Tweets" competition put on by Twitter, and now gamers can look forward to official Xbox mini fridges in the future. © Microsoft/Xbox The Xbox Series X alongside the Xbox Series X Fridge.

Does Skittles have an Xbox series X mini fridge?

© Microsoft/Xbox The Xbox Series X alongside the Xbox Series X Fridge. In the lead-up to the championship round between Xbox and Skittles, both brands made promises to the public for their votes. Skittles promised the return of lime-flavored candy, which was replaced by green apple in 2013, while Xbox promised to produce Xbox Series X mini fridges.

How do you turn on the Xbox series X fridge?

Xbox, not one to hide from a joke at its expense, created a limited number of Xbox Series X fridges. When plugged in, the Xbox icon on the front of the fridge powers on. Using the disc drive slot to open the fridge door, you'll be greeted with the new Xbox boot animation and an Xbox green light shining inside.

Why isn’t there an Xbox mini?

There are a couple of things that are standing in Microsoft’s way and preventing them from making the Xbox Mini as quickly as both we, and they might like. The first obstacle that presents itself is that the games themselves have ginormous file sizes.

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