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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Xbox series X mini fridge be released?

Please try again later. Microsoft’s concluded its E3 2021 showcase with a rather cool announcement: the Xbox Series X-shaped mini fridge, which the company promised to make after defeating Skittles in a Twitter poll, will be released in holiday 2021.

Is the Xbox mini fridge the world's most powerful mini fridge?

Microsoft is promising that the upcoming Xbox Mini Fridge (the official name) is “the world’s most powerful mini fridge,” an obvious play on one of the company’s key marketing points for the Xbox Series X console.

What does the Xbox refrigerator look like?

Coming with a black exterior, the refrigerator has a small Xbox logo on the top left corner of the door, which glows white and is reminiscent of those found on the brand's gaming console devices. Inside, green walls line the mini-fridge, which is "powered" by "Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture," according to its reveal trailer.

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