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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Xbox Insider free?

Until now, the only way to get into the Xbox Preview/Xbox Insider program was through an invitation. That is no longer required, as Microsoft has announced one of the biggest changes it’s ever made to the program: free entrance into the Xbox Insider program. Now, anyone that desires to sign up for Xbox Insider is free to do so.

What is a Xbox Insider?

The Xbox Insider Program, like the Windows Insider Program, is a way for Microsoft to harvest feedback on pre-release operating system builds, before releasing them to the public. Xbox Insiders get the opportunity to experience new features and services early, albeit with the risk of bugs and other issues that might hinder their console experience.

What is Xbox Hub?

The XBOX Hub is simply a Games Hub catering to XBOX. If you do not have a XBOX Live Account, then you cannot take part in XBOX Live specific things, like gamer profiles, game invitations, etc. But you can still download games and play them from the Games Hub.

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