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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I reset the ECU?

These include: 1) AFTER tracking down, and FIXING a problem with your car (IE: bad O2 sensor, vacuum leak, etc), it's a good idea to reset the ECU to clear all of the learned parameters (which it learned while there was a problem) so that it can start from scratch.

Does resetting the ECU reset the knock sensor?

If you're lowering the octane, resetting the ECU will put it into an active knock learning mode, which will let it adjust for knock quicker than if you just left the ECU alone. Note that if you're lowering the octane, do NOT, under ANY circumstances, perform the "vishnu" trick after resetting the ECU.

Is there a boost control switch on the ECU?

There is only the on/off switch from DAM/IAM. If your ECU has completely disabled boost control due to excessive knock, resetting the ECU will set the DAM/IAM back to its default value, which will temporarily restore boost control.

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