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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current US debt clock?

The National Debt Clock is a billboard-sized running total display which constantly updates to show the current United States gross national debt and each American family's share of the debt. It is currently installed on the western side of One Bryant Park, west of Sixth Avenue between 42nd and 43rd Streets in Manhattan, New York City.

What is World Debt Clock?

A debt clock is a public counter , which displays the government debt of a public corporation, usually of a state, and which visualizes the progression through an update every second. Because of the mirror-image correlation between liabilities and accounts receivable meanwhile there are assets clocks or property clocks also, which visualize the private and state assets. Clocks to display the national interest charge are called interest clocks. Debt clock of the German Taxpayers Federation shows i

What is federal debt clock?

Federal Debt Clock. The amount is the gross outstanding debt issued by the United States Department of the Treasury since 1790 and reported here. But , it doesn’t include state and local debt. And , it doesn’t include so-called “ agency debt .” And , it doesn’t include the so-called unfunded liabilities of entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.

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