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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get with world of warships codes?

Here’s a collection of all the World of Warships codes, both invite and bonus, that you can redeem to get a headstart ahead of the competition. Depending on the code, you can get various combinations of ships, commanders, premium time, credits, containers, camouflages, and doubloons.

Is there a bonus code for world of warships on Twitch?

There is a bonus code from today 12/11/20 Twitch stream of World of Warships. It expires soon. It gives: Combat mission chain to get American containers. code: 11ttallboysaregudboys777

Is there a rental tank code for world of warships?

This code works only for EU servers! It’s a rental tank code! CODE : CLAGUERRE It gives: AMX M4 49L AMX Cda 105 Bretange Panther ELC EVEN 90 Players can try these tanks for 10 battles! source – From today Historical Marathon by World of Warships youtube channel.

How do I get an Alienware world of warships code?

World of Warships and Alienware Giveaways. From time to time Alienware holds giveaways for both invite and bonus codes. If want to get a Wargaming code just go to the official Alienware Arena website and create an account if don’t already have one. Click the “GET KEY” button.

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