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Frequently Asked Questions

What is world of solitaire?

World of Solitaire has over 50 solitaire games, including Spider, Klondike, FreeCell and Pyramid. A 100% free online solitaire game with undo support, multiple decks, statistics, custom backgrounds and more. Created with HTML5 and JavaScript, this online website works everywhere! My name is Robert and I created World of Solitaire back in 2007.

How do you win solitaire?

To win Solitaire, you must get all the cards onto the Foundation piles. The Foundations are ordered by suit and rank, each Foundation has one suit and you must put the cards onto them in the order Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King. To get there, you can use the moves described below.

What are the different types of JavaScript files in World of solitaire?

C.js, O.js, Radio.js, Checkbox.js, T.js. All other JavaScript files are proprietary. An 'Offline' version of World of Solitaire is now available for download. that it only has four decks and no statistics are recorded or available for viewing.

What are the rules of Golf Solitaire?

Golf Solitaire Rules. Gameplay. The game board in Golf Solitaire is made up of: Seven columns: There are seven columns with 5 upwards facing cards each. The Stock: The facedown pile on the bottom left. It is used to draw cards from and put on the Waste. The Waste: The faceup pile next to the Stock. It's empty in the beginning.

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