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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play world of solitaire?

To play “Klondike,” visit the official World of Solitaire website, hover the mouse over the Solitaire menu, select Choose Game, and then click on “Klondike” to open the game. Use the mouse to interact with the game.

Is every game of solitaire winnable?

Spider, for example, while the vast majority of games appear winnable, has a few unwinnable possible hands. Very few, if any, solitaire games are absolutely always winnable with every possible hand. So, again, the general answer to the original question is no, not every solitaire game (or hand) is winnable.

What is world of solitaire?

World of Solitaire is a JavaScript-based collection of solitaire games developed by Robert Schultz. The collection features excellent graphics, nice touches such as undo, statistics, autoplay, animation, and selectable card graphics. World of Solitaire includes the following games:

What is Klondike game?

Klondike (board game) Klondike is a board game released in 1975 by Gamma Two Games based on the gold rush in the Canadian Yukon. Players' tokens are moved along a track according to the roll of the dice. The spaces on the track on two adjacent sides of the board represent the fields where prospecting (panning for gold) is done.

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