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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play world of solitaire?

To play “Klondike,” visit the official World of Solitaire website, hover the mouse over the Solitaire menu, select Choose Game, and then click on “Klondike” to open the game. Use the mouse to interact with the game.

How do you play free solitaire?

How to Play FreeCell Solitaire. Card Layout. The game is played with a single pack of 52 playing cards. After thoroughly shuffling the deck, a row of eight cards is dealt face up to start the tableau. A further five rows of eight cards are dealt face up on top of the first to form eight columns of six cards each.

Is every game of solitaire winnable?

Spider, for example, while the vast majority of games appear winnable, has a few unwinnable possible hands. Very few, if any, solitaire games are absolutely always winnable with every possible hand. So, again, the general answer to the original question is no, not every solitaire game (or hand) is winnable.

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