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Frequently Asked Questions

Is WND a biased news source?

Check out our Media Bias Chart, or see how we have rated the most popular news sources. media bias rating is Right. WorldNetDaily (WND) is an American web site that publishes news and associated content from the perspective of U.S. conservatives and the political right.

What is the media bias chart?

Media Bias Chart. The AllSides Media Bias Chart offers an easy way to identify political bias in the news so you can be better equipped to navigate our polarized media landscape. The AllSides Media Bias Chart is based on our full and growing list of nearly 600 media bias ratings.

Is the New York Times left or right media biased?

For example, on this chart you will see The New York Times Opinion is rated as a Left media bias, while the New York Times news is rated Lean Left. Fox News Opinion content has a Right media bias, while Fox News is Lean Right.

Is everyone biased?

Everyone is biased, but hidden bias misleads and divides us. The AllSides Media Bias Chart™ is based on our full and growing list of over 800 media bias ratings. These ratings inform our balanced newsfeed. Unless otherwise noted, AllSides rates only online content, not TV, radio, or broadcast content.

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