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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Microsoft Outlook convert time zones for meetings?

How to Use Two Time Zones for Meetings in Outlook Calendar Navigate to the File tab in Outlook. Click Options. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU ... Select Calendar from the sidebar and then scroll down to Time zones. Check 'Show a second time zone' and add the second time zone from the dropdown menu. Click OK. ...

What is a meeting planner?

A meeting planner handles all the details before and during business meetings or conventions. Meeting planners decide on locations for meetings and make all the bookings. They book not only the meeting space, but make arrangements for speakers and caterers.

What is Conference planner?

A convention planner is someone who specializes in planning and organizing conventions, ranging from meetups of physicians to comic book conventions. Convention planners may work for popular convention sites, offering assistance to people who book those sites for the purpose of holding conventions.

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