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Frequently Asked Questions

What is worldtime clock&map?

Global Timezone Map displays current time and daylight in any place around the world right now. WorldTime Clock & Map is an indispensable utility for everyone who deals with people abroad or anybody who is keen on knowing what time is it further than locally.

What is world clock?

World Clock is a great alternative to more elaborate (and sometimes costly) programs or desktop widgets. Flash Clocks' World Clock displays the time and flag for a number of cities around the world on an interactive daylight map on your Windows desktop. It's good looking and easy to use, too. For example, you can add and remove time zones ...

What is the global timezone map?

Our Global Timezone Map displays the time now around the world. The map also reflects the daylight, night and midnight in real-time. Customize the World Clock for setting up online conferences in different locations of the world and share the most convenient time to call.

How do I download world clock for Mac?

World Clock is a free, portable application for PC (with Windows Operating System), but you can visit our web site and download the version for Mac.

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