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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the date and time to display on my Desktop?

The date and time is always visible in the left bottom near the action center however if you wish, you may install any app that will display the date and time continually on the desktop without having to click on an icon to bring it up.

What is the Rock clock app?

The Rock Clock is a free iOS and Android app meant for motivation and to "get s--- done.". The app is the second item in Johnson's "Project Rock," a four-part program that aims to help his fans achieve as many goals as possible and "chase greatness" using Rock-branded products. The first release was a gym bag in collaboration with Under Armour.

What purpose does the world clock serve?

The World Clock shows current local times in thousands of cities around the world. Why doesn't it show the correct time? Displaying the correct time for locations around the world is our core business, so we make sure to deliver clocks that you can rely on.

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