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Frequently Asked Questions

Will a 2000 Ford F-150 keep running when it gets hot?

It won't stay running, even when it warm up. We have to keep a little bit of gas on even at the lights and stop sign … read more 2000 F-150: 5.4.

Why won’t my Ford F-150 start?

If Ford F-150 doesn’t start, the suspicion quickly falls on the battery – and not without reason. But there are also a number of other factors that can paralyze the engine. These are the most common causes. Especially in the winter months, an empty or weak battery takes a top position when it comes to starting problems.

Why won't my Car start after a jump?

The car should start IMMEDIATELY when it is jumped and it should stay running. If it doesn't run after a jump, and the battery isn't bad, the something in your charging system isn't functioning properly. Try this: Start the vehicle and leave it running. Take a multimeter and test across the poles on your battery.

Why is MY 1993 F150 5 speed not staying charged?

My 1993 f150 5 speed has a new altanator and it runs but when u unhook the jumpers it run but then dies what could be the problem why is my motor not staying charged? 1 people found this helpful. GuruQK3PP8, get a new alternator. Check your grounds. Test your battery. You didn't give us much to work with, so do the basics first.

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