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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wonderwonderworks?

WonderWorks is an amusement park for the mind with over 100 interactive exhibits for visitors of all ages. Experience the trembling of a 5.3 earthquake, be blown away by 74mph hurricane force winds, land the shuttle, fly a fighter jet, lie on a bed of nails, design and ride your own roller coaster, play virtual sports, plus much more!

Where can I go to see WonderWorks?

Visit the attraction at one of five fantastic locations: WonderWorks Orlando, WonderWorks Pigeon Forge, WonderWorks Panama City Beach, WonderWorks Myrtle Beach, and WonderWorks Syracuse. Make WonderWorks the thing to do during your vacation!

What is it like to read in Wonderworks?

In Wonderworks, Fletcher takes readers on a historical tour of the great moments in literature, showing the advances in literary tools and how the human brain reacts to cause emotional responses that can heal and enlarge our individual lives. I have never read anything like it.

What's with the upside down buildings in Wonderworks?

What’s With The UPSIDE DOWN Buildings? WonderWorks began as a Top Secret research laboratory on a remote island in the Bermuda Triangle. During this experiment, something went awry, and the power of the tornado was unleashed inside the laboratory.

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