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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it proper to say 'taking effect' or 'taking affect'?

The proper way is to say “taking effect”. There is a clear distinction between the words effect and affect. For example, if you write effectively it will affect your readers. Effect is also used to describe the point at which something starts to happen.

When to use affect and effect?

The density of that packing, and the ensuing neuronal connections this density allows for, gives rise to our ability to acquire language from birth and use it till death. But let’s leave aside the neuroanatomical differences between our brains and those of gorillas for others to solve.

When to use affected or affected?

When you engage in an action that makes something happen it is “effected". When your actions have an influence on something it is “affected”. For instance you could say that certain countries are trying to “effect" a regime change in Venezuela through their intervention.

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