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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between want and wont?

Before we look at the pronunciation of want and won't, let's look at how the two words differ in meaning: want means 'desire something' or 'wish for something': I want to stay here, he wants to speak, etc. won't is a contraction of 'will not', used to express the future: I won't be here tomorrow, etc.

What does won't stand for?

The Oxford English Dictionary suggests that “won’t” is a contraction of a nonstandard form: “woll not.” Quite a few confused folks substitute “want” for “wont,” leading to mangled expressions such as “such is my want.”

What does "as is my wont" really mean?

"as is my wont" means "as is my habit (or custom)". >Note: I hate putting the period inside of quotes! Peter Duncanson, UK (in alt.english.usage)

What does won't mean?

What does won-t mean? Contraction of will not. ... An example of won't is someone saying they will not be attending a party; they won't attend.

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