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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there room for two on a WMF 2000 s?

Slim build A WMF 2000 S is only a little bit wider than the long side of an A4 page. So there’s room for two even on the smallest counter. Hot chocolate and chociatto Almost any creation involving chocolate and coffee can be produced with lots of fresh milk. Height-adjustable spout Fills containers ranging from 70 to 180 mm in height.

What is the WMF 5000s coffee machine?

The WMF 5000S is a high performance coffee machine for professional coffee indulgence.

Why choose WMF?

S ince 1853, WMF have improved its experience in the kitchen, at the table and at the bar. Innovations that change your life, like cutlery that are always as good as new or the handles of pots wich you can handle without getting burned while you're cooking.

Which WMF espresso machine should I Choose?

The WMF espresso. The perfect espresso, handmade automatically. The WMF 1500 S+. Unprecedented coffee versatility, with guaranteed high quality. The WMF 9000 S+. Gourmet coffee specialties, individually served to perfection. When you visit any website, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies.

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