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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened at the Winter Palace in Moscow?

In 1905, the Winter Palace was a mute witness to the Bloody Sunday Massacre on Palace Square, when thousands of striking workers came to meet the Tsar in peaceful protest and were met by a re-enforced contingent of troops with orders to fire at will.

What happened at the Winter Palace in 1914?

In 1914, the Tsar and Empress bless their troops from the balcony of the Winter Palace. In the initial stages of the war, Russia endured heavy losses at the Masurian Lakes and Tannenberg and it was to the Winter Palace that many of the wounded returned.

Why did the Tsar live in the Winter Palace in 1905?

In 1905 the Bloody Sunday massacre occurred when demonstrators marched toward the Winter Palace, but by this time the Imperial Family had chosen to live in the more secure and secluded Alexander Palace at Tsarskoe Selo, and returned to the Winter Palace only for formal and state occasions.

What was the result of the 1905 St Petersburg massacre?

On January 22, 1905, a group of workers led by the radical priest Georgy Apollonovich Gapon marched to the czar’s Winter Palace in St. Petersburg to make their demands. Imperial forces opened fire on the demonstrators, killing and wounding hundreds.

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