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Frequently Asked Questions

When does winter anime start?

The period when winter starts differ in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. In the Northern Hemisphere it is from December 20 up to March 21. In the Southern Hemisphere this would be around June 20 and culminates on September 22. The beginning and end dates may vary a day or two.

Where can I watch overflow?

Overflow – Online is streaming worldwide, so you can watch it from anywhere. The performance will begin promptly at 2pm or 8pm GMT and will only be available to watch for the duration of the stream. Each online performance is a filmed live show that will be streamed to audiences. It can be watched on your web browser, via Google Chromecast, or on Apple TV, Android TV or Amazon Fire TV.

What are the anime seasons?

It's the same as Japanese Television seasons (or sometimes referred to as "cours"). There are 4 of them each year and each one lasts roughly 13 weeks. The Wikipedia page for Japanese Television Drama says: Japan has four television seasons: Winter (January–March), Spring (April–June), Summer (July–September), and Autumn or Fall (October–December).

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