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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add apps to the Microsoft Store for business?

Sign in to the Microsoft Store for Business. Click Manage, click Products & services, and then choose New LOB apps. Click the ellipses under Action for the app you want to add to your inventory, and then choose Add to inventory. After you add the app to your inventory, you can choose how to distribute the app.

How do I distribute Microsoft apps to employees?

Distribute apps using your private store. The private store is a feature in Microsoft Store for Business and Education that organizations receive during the signup process. When admins add apps to the private store, all employees in the organization can view and download the apps.

How do I configure the Windows Store for business?

Configuring the Windows Store for Business is very simple Log onto the WSfB site with an account from Azure AD Accept the usage agreement Configure the private store name Add apps to your Inventory

What are the different types of Microsoft Store for business apps?

The Microsoft Store for Business supports two types of app. Online: This license type requires users and devices to connect to the store to get an app and its license. Windows 10 devices can be either Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)-joined or hybrid Azure AD-joined. Online applications self-update, removing any overhead on version control.

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