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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Williams last name?

Last name: Williams. Recorded in various spellings including William, Williams, and Williamson, this is a surname which can be of English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh origins.

Who were William and Mary of England?

William and Mary refers to the coregency of King William III and Queen Mary II. It often specifically refers to: William and Mary style, a furniture design common from 1700 to 1725 named for the couple.

What is William Tell?

William Tell. William Tell is a folk hero of Switzerland. His legend is recorded in a late 15th-century Swiss chronicle. It is set in the period of the original foundation of the Old Swiss Confederacy in the early 14th century.

What is William and Mary College?

The College of William & Mary is a medium-sized, highly residential, public research university. The focal point of the university is its four-year, full-time undergraduate program which comprises most of the institution's enrollment.

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