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Frequently Asked Questions

Did has 4anime shut down for good?

Has 4anime shut down for good? According to Torrent Freak, 4anime has gone the way of the dinosaur. And if you attempt to access the site, you'll be met with this message: "Sorry for ending things this way. Due to certain circumstances, we have to close the site.

What happened to 4a4anime?

4anime, one of the largest pirate anime streaming websites with millions of visitors, has abruptly shut down without any explanation. Those attempting to access the site are being redirected to the GitHub page with the below message.

What happened to simplymoe and 4ani?

UPDATE 2021-08-14: The subreddit is no longer restricted, feel free to post again as before. Hey, weebs of 4ani! While we haven't received any specifics from the owner, we can confidently say that and 4anime are both shut down for good.

Is 4anime shutting down their Discord server?

From here on out any sites, apps, servers you see with the branding are fake. Our Discord server will, however, not be shut down. Although we are still talking it through, it will most likely be turned into a community discord and be fully separated from the site.

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