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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a whiteboard paper?

A White paper is authoritative reports that inform readers in short to understand complex issues, solve problem and make right decision. In government terms, A white papers are presenting government policies, legislation and public feedback.

What are board prints?

An excellent pre-treatment for Canvas Prints that will be framed. Canvas Board Prints are made with a print on Professional Photo Paper bonded onto museum quality canvas, or a Fine Art Print printed directly onto canvas material. The print is then mounted on Gator Foamboard, which is very rigid foamboard and lightweight backing.

What is portable whiteboard?

Portable Whiteboard. Performing presentations on the road or at a client’s location If a portable whiteboard is what you think you will need there are several different types to choose from. Of course, the largest draw is that they are portable, but there are some options to consider:

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