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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microsoft whiteboard free?

Microsoft Whiteboard has always been free for students and education professionals as a part of the Office 365 A1 offer. It’s enabled by default for Office 365 tenants. You can check this and other settings and enable Microsoft Whiteboard in your Admin Center.

Where will whiteboard data store?

The current Whiteboard app (that comes with Surface Hub) stores whiteboard data in the user's OneDrive for Business storage. As such it's subject to any tenant region storage controls. The Whiteboard Preview app that is available from the Store saved the app data in Azure linked to your tenant.

Where are whiteboard files saved?

Whiteboard files, which are files ending in the WHT file extension, are commonly associated with Microsoft's Windows NetMeeting application. These files are saved NetMeeting drawing spaces that are saved in a proprietary image format. In order to view such files, you'll need access to an older computer running the Windows XP operating system.

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