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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best ESL whiteboard games for kids?

All these games are great for kids and can be adapted to use with older ESL students, too. Top of our list of whiteboard games is ‘Sleeping Penguins’. Sleeping Penguins is Games4esl’s version of the classic whiteboard game ‘Sleeping Elephants’. The concept is exactly the same.

What can you do with a whiteboard?

There are so many fun things to do with a whiteboard, from making a list of those ideas to playing games and more. An easy method of helping children learn to spell regardless of grade level by incorporating weekly spelling words and also an informal game to employ when teaching both children and adults a second language.

What games can you play on a magnetic whiteboard?

Magnetic Games to Play on a Whiteboard. 1 7) Chess or Checkers. Make your own flat chess pieces by drawing or printing each game piece onto a piece of paper, cut to size and glue onto magnets. 2 8) Sports Magnet Board. 3 9) Word Spell. 4 10) Color and Alphabet Identification. 5 11) Make Spinners. More items

What are the best ESL classroom games to play?

Hot Seat is another classic ESL classroom game which requires only a whiteboard. This game can be played in teams as a whole class activity, or in small groups. To play, one student must sit in the ‘hot seat’ which is the seat at the front of the class facing away from the whiteboard. Next, write a word on the whiteboard.

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