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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a free whiteboard?

Simply put: it is an online team collaboration tool for remote teams. Use the free whiteboard online for sketching up a new website, a smartphone app, a movie poster or any other media. With freehand drawing and line smoothing all your scribbles will look perfect. Need a perfect circle?

How do I share an online whiteboard?

How do I share an online whiteboard? You can invite anyone to your online whiteboard by clicking on the “share board” button on the top right corner of the screen and sharing the board link. With the link they can access your board for free without having to sign up.

What are the features of online whiteboard with realtime collaboration?

Online Whiteboard with Realtime Collaboration 1 Virtual online whiteboard with team collaboration. ... 2 Live Teamwork on Online Whiteboard. ... 3 Insert images and PDF files. ... 4 Integrated board chat with audio and video capabilities. ... 5 Export your whiteboard as high-resolution image or PDF. ... 6 Shared Whiteboard. ...

How can I customize my whiteboard?

Turn any whiteboard into a template and copy it to make new boards. The embedding API allows you to customize colors, stroke widths, and available tools. Improved the behavior of text and sticky notes. The Lock button lets whiteboard owners prevent others from changing the board. The text tool is less finicky.

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