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Frequently Asked Questions

What is whiteboard Fox?

Whiteboard Fox’s blank canvas is a grid. The drawing tools are the most basic ones to draw and erase. You can also add pics. Aside from being an online tool, Whiteboard Fox can also be used on iPads and Android tablets. For teams, all changes get synced in real time for all remote users.

What is the best free whiteboard for beginners?

Whiteboard Fox (best free web whiteboard) Whiteboard Fox is a big name when it comes to free online whiteboards. It’s very user friendly on your web browser, letting you start drawing instantly. Whiteboard Fox’s blank canvas is a grid.

How do I share a whiteboard?

To share boards, you just get an easy link which you can email. There are other neat team collaboration tools. For example the admin can allow people to add and erase stuff from boards, or to only draw but not erase. Whiteboard Fox is a free whiteboard tool.

What is the name of the interactive whiteboard?

It’s called Jamboard. Google Jamboard is an online interactive whiteboard platform that is part of the G Suite package. Jamboard is used on a mobile app, or you can buy a 55-inch cloud-powered touchscreen whiteboard. What is a virtual whiteboard?

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