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Frequently Asked Questions

What is whiteboardfi? is a simple tool that can be used instantly. Create a class and let your students join, using a link, room code or QR code. Everyone will get an individual digital whiteboard , where they can draw, write text, make notations on images, add math equations, and more!

Why is my Smart Board® interactive whiteboard not working?

If issue persists, please contact our technical support for further help. If you have the latest drivers and software installed and are using a direct USB cable no longer than 16ft between the computer and the SMART Board® interactive whiteboard, then it may be that the USB cable is no longer functional.

Why can't I sign in to the whiteboard service?

If you're using your Microsoft 365 organizational account, contact your administrator to ensure that the new Whiteboard service is enabled for your organization. If you're experiencing this issue on a Surface Hub, contact your administrator for more information or see the Microsoft Surface Hub admin guide for settings that can prevent signing in.

How do I Share my whiteboard with other people?

See group answers with Answer Fox (beta) Just email a link to the web page to let others view and edit your whiteboard. Changes you make are relayed to other participants within a few seconds.

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