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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Microsoft whiteboard on OneDrive for business not working?

Note: Microsoft Whiteboard and Microsoft Fluid Framework preview are both enabled by default. If these have been disabled in the Azure Active Directory enterprise applications, then Whiteboard on OneDrive for Business will not work. Use meeting policy settings. Data is stored as .whiteboard files in ODB.

How does Microsoft whiteboard integrate with Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Whiteboard is being rebuilt to integrate seamlessly across 365, so you can create, share, discover, and manage whiteboards as easily as any Office document. Starting October 2021, all newly created whiteboards will be stored as files in the OneDrive for Business of the person who starts or creates a whiteboard in Windows or Teams.

What is a whiteboard and where can I find it?

Whiteboards are created in the OneDrive for Business of the person who starts the whiteboard. This includes whiteboards created in the stand-alone Whiteboard applications as well as Microsoft Teams meetings, chats and channels.

Where is whiteboard on ODB in Microsoft 365 Admin Center?

Note: Whiteboard on ODB does not appear in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Methods 2 and 3 listed above only hide Whiteboard entry points, they do not prevent the users from using Whiteboard. To enable or disable Whiteboard for your tenant, do the following:

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