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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Google Jamboard and Microsoft whiteboard?

Google Jamboard allows you to share your Jams via email or any such services in a PDF format or an image (by frames). Google Jamboard excels at being cross-platform with it being available on the Web, iOS and Android, while Microsoft Whiteboard shines with its simpler UI, customizability and real-time sync and faster performance overall.

Can remote Jamboard participants view the video chat window and whiteboard?

Similar to other video conferencing applications with integrated whiteboards like Skype or GoToMeeting, remote Jamboard participants cannot view the video chat window and the whiteboard windows at the same time.

What features does the Jamboard have?

On the plus side, the Jamboard features a vibrant 4K display with touchscreen capabilities for easy whiteboarding. Using Android and iOS apps, users can access whiteboard content on a range of personal devices.

What are the new features of Microsoft whiteboard?

Microsoft Whiteboard has been updated with new features since September 2019 that include background formatting, snapping to objects, adding text, pinning to toolbars, exporting formats, accessibility testing, and communicative integration. Microsoft Whiteboard.

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