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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Started with whiteboard chat?

To get started with Whiteboard Chat simply head to the site and click on the big "Start Drawing" button. Next you have the choice of "start collaborating" or "start teaching." The "start collaborating" option will launch a single whiteboard that you can invite your students to join.

How do I join a whiteboard?

To join a whiteboard, enter the board code sent by the host and a nickname in the following form, once inside you will be able to view, draw, write and use the chat with the rest of the participants.

What is Microsoft Teams whiteboard and how to use it?

When it comes to collaboration, the Teams allows users to create Whiteboard, share it, and chat while collaborating. Microsoft has added background blur for video calls, pop-up chats and meeting windows, Outlook plugin, and more in Teams. Among them, Whiteboard is one of the best features to collaborate efficiently with team members.

What is whiteboard Fi? is an online whiteboard service specially designed for teachers and classrooms. An excellent tool for formative assessment!

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