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Frequently Asked Questions

What does WGL stand for?

Washington Gas Light Company is a regulated natural gas utility serving approximately 1.1 million customers in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. WGL Energy is a leader in efficient and environmentally-friendly energy technology solutions that provide electricity, natural gas,...

How many glyphs are there in Rockwell font?

Rockwell font is the big font family that comes with 9 different styles that also comes with 255 glyphs. Below we are providing you the free version of this typeface that does not contains special characters.

What fonts are available inside Google Fonts?

Rockwell Font is the licensed typeface that contains bold, extra bold, and condensed weight. This is the free font that is available inside google fonts in the TTF file format. Right below we will discuss more on this typeface.

What kind of energy does WGL Energy provide?

About WGL Energy. WGL Energy delivers a full spectrum of energy offerings, including electricity, natural gas, renewable energy, carbon reduction, distributed generation and energy efficiency solutions provided by WGL Energy Services, Inc. and WGL Energy Systems, Inc.

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