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Frequently Asked Questions

What are sales KPIs and why do you need them?

Sales KPIs are measures used to track and evaluate sales team performance and all executed sales activities. As a sales leader, KPIs can help you ramp up your sales team efforts in order to hit your sales targets, goals, priorities, and objectives.

What are the KPI’s for SaaS startups?

1. Monthly Sales Growth. This sales KPI measures the increase or decrease of your sales revenue on a monthly basis. In the SaaS sector, annual sales revenue is, though still important, often too far of a projection for most startups.

Is sales by region a sales KPI?

On its own, sales by region is a sales metric. But when used to track and optimize your performance in a new market, it becomes a sales KPI. It’s indicating your progress towards your company’s goal. So far, we’ve mentioned a few examples of sales KPIs and metrics.

What does my sales KPI dashboard show?

In Close, your sales KPI dashboard shows you everything you need to know about the health of your sales team and sales efforts. In line with our AQC philosophy, this means sales metrics for Activity (number of calls and emails), Quality (opportunities created), and Conversion (leaderboard and revenue).

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