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Frequently Asked Questions

What is weekweekly reader?

Weekly Reader was a weekly educational classroom magazine designed for children. It began in 1928 as My Weekly Reader. Editions covered curriculum themes in the younger grade levels and news-based, current events and curriculum themed-issues in older grade levels.

What is the history of my Weekly Reader?

History. It was first published by the American Education Press of Columbus, Ohio, which had been founded by Charles Palmer Davis in 1902 to publish Current Events, a paper for secondary school children. The first issue of My Weekly Reader appeared on September 21, 1928.

What was the original name of the reader's digest magazine?

At various times through its publishing history, the magazine was known as My Weekly Reader or Weekly Reader . In 2007, Weekly Reader Corporation became part of The Reader's Digest Association, based in Chappaqua, New York.

Was My Weekly Reader an early purveyor of fake news?

Additionally, based on this article indicating man had a role in global warming and climate change, My Weekly Reader was clearly an early purveyor of fake news, targeting the you innocent minds of children across our nation. Certainly among the first examples of the “lyin media” :-)

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